Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Discusses Post-Bariatric Surgery in Max & Sports Fitness Magazine

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Plastic Surgeon in Newport Beach Discusses Body Contouring in Max Sports & Fitness Magazine

Dr. Semira Bayati, a plastic surgeon in Orange County, recently discussed post-bariatric plastic surgery options in Max Sports & Fitness Magazine’s October 2011 issue. The article covers plastic surgery options for minimizing excessive sagging skin after extreme weight loss. Dr. Bayati discusses post-bariatric surgery treatments such as a central body lift, tummy tuck, or breast lift and the health complications that can arise from untreated excess skin.

Max Sports & Fitness Magazine recently published an article on post-bariatric plastic surgery options in their October 2011 issue featuring the advice of Dr. Semira Bayati, an Orange County plastic surgeon. The article discusses how to treat excessive sagging skin following extreme weight loss, providing information about procedures ranging from a belt lipectomy to breast lift. Dr. Bayati says many patients expect to feel a renewed sense of pride and confidence in their bodies following dramatic weight loss, but many are unaware that weight loss is often just the beginning of a longer journey to attain their desired appearance. She says patients can become frustrated after putting so much effort into losing weight and still not feeling proud of their bodies.

Depending on how quickly a person loses weight and the amount of pounds lost, Dr. Bayati says each person can experience different degrees of loose skin. A person’s genetics, age, and ethnicity can also be contributing factors as skin retains unique levels of elasticity in each person. Regardless of the amount of excess skin, Dr. Bayati says many of her patients are willing to take measures to recontour their bodies through a cosmetic procedure such as a tummy tuck or thigh or arm lifts.

Dr. Bayati says that while reducing excess skin provides significant cosmetic benefits, it can also lessen the risk of health complications as well. She says large amounts of skin can cause rashes and chafing which can lead to infections. Dr. Bayati also adds that sagging skin can often increase discomfort in patients during normal exercise and daily life, to a point where exercise can become ineffective and a burden. “After weight loss surgery, the patients feel they still have some issues with body image related to the loose, excess skin left behind. Skin reduction and body contouring procedures after massive weight loss, have a huge psychological benefit for these patients. Further, it makes it much easier to fit in clothing, without having to continue ‘hiding’ problem areas.”

Because of the great health and cosmetic benefits that skin tightening procedures can offer following weight loss, Dr. Bayati says she recommends her patients consider plastic surgery in Newport Beach as a way to reach their personal aesthetic goals and make the most out of their accomplishments. She also stresses the importance of consulting with a board-certified surgeon working with a dedicated, professional staff before undergoing such a complex and multi-faceted procedure. “Aside from the psychological benefits of post weight loss body contouring surgery, there is a reduction in medical issues, such as skin breakdown, rashes and infections that occur commonly in the folds of excess skin. I commonly hear that these patients do not feel completely normal and happy until the excess skin is removed and the body regains its normal contour after plastic surgery.”

About Semira Bayati, MD, FACS

Dr. Semira Bayati received her undergraduate degree from Boston University and her medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine. She completed an integrated General/Plastic Surgery Residency Training Program at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, along with extensive training in endoscopic surgical techniques. Dr. Bayati is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and several other professional organizations. She is passionate about reshaping her patients’ futures through cosmetic and reconstructive procedures such as breast augmentation, reconstruction, and other aesthetic enhancement treatments.

Located at 20311 SW Birch Street Suite 200 in Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Bayati’s practice can be reached at (949) 756-0400. It can also be contacted online via the website drbayati.com or facebook.com/drbayati.


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