Dr. Semira Bayati believes that all individuals who desire to improve their appearance and feel confident in the way they look should have that chance, regardless of their financial position. With that in mind, our board-certified plastic surgeon works with some of the most reputable healthcare financing companies in America to provide qualified applicants with a convenient and affordable way of bringing treatment into their budgets.


CareCredit® offers financing options for a full range of treatments. Individuals who qualify for CareCredit® financing plans often have an array of choices that can meet their needs. Options include no-interest monthly payment plans and low-interest extended monthly plans. The application process is very quick, and most individuals receive an almost-immediate response.


Alphaeon™ Credit

Alphaeon™ Credit offers qualified applicants a comprehensive selection of monthly, flexible financing options, many with high credit lines that may not be available with other credit cards. Plus, this company is known for its high approval rates. No-interest payment plans are among the options available from Alphaeon™ credit, and once you are approved for the card, there is typically no need to re-apply if you’d like to use it again for a later treatment.


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