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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as tummy tuck surgery, can be an excellent procedure to address the excess skin and soft tissue on the abdominal wall, as well as the laxity of the abdominal muscles. For many individuals, trying to get rid of excess skin in the abdominal area is a frustrating process. Even the most rigorous exercise routines and diet regimens often fail to yield positive results. Tummy tuck surgery from our board-certified plastic surgeon can resolve these concerns and give you a flatter, firmer, more fit-looking abdomen. This advanced treatment is a very popular option among both women and men, and is often utilized as part of a comprehensive Mommy Makeover procedure.

What are the benefits of tummy tuck surgery?

The accumulation of excess, inelastic skin in the abdomen can be caused by significant weight loss, genetics, the natural aging process, and pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy is one of the most common causes. After childbearing, the abdominal musculature separates in the midline, resulting in a “pooch” and the constant need to “suck it in.” No matter how many sit-ups or abdominal tightening exercises are performed, the gap that is created by pregnancy cannot be closed unless it is done surgically. Further, after expansion and contraction of the abdomen with pregnancy or massive weight loss, the skin does not shrink back to its original state and, invariably, many people are left with loose skin on their abdomen.

Fortunately, tummy tuck surgery offers a range of benefits for both men and women, including:

  • The reduction of excess abdominal skin and tightening of remaining skin for a more taut, smooth look
  • A slimmer, firmer abdomen
  • A better fit for certain types of clothing
  • A renewed self-confidence

Tummy tuck surgery has helped millions of individuals across the globe address a very common condition and feel great about the way they look. During your initial consultation with Dr. Semira Bayati, she will evaluate your concerns and talk with you about your options. If abdominoplasty is right for your unique needs, Dr. Bayati will create a customized treatment plan designed to meet your goals. For women who are interested in restoring their bodies after the physical rigors of pregnancy and raising children have taken their toll, tummy tuck surgery can also serve as an effective component of a Mommy Makeover procedure.

Tummy Tuck Surgery and a Mommy Makeover

For women who are interested in restoring their bodies after the physical rigors of pregnancy and raising children have taken their toll, tummy tuck surgery can also serve as an effective component of a Mommy Makeover procedure. Mommy Makeovers are comprehensive, customized treatments that combine a number of aesthetic enhancement options for complete rejuvenation. A tummy tuck can be paired with breast surgery and other body contouring procedures that can help you restore your pre-pregnancy figure.

Learn more about Mommy Makeover options.

What does the procedure involve?

Abdominoplasty procedures begin with a carefully made incision just above the pubic area, going from hip to hip. A second incision will be created to separate the navel from tissues surrounding it. Dr. Bayati will lift the skin and bring back together the midline abdominal muscles responsible for a “six pack.” These muscles will be tightened, followed by the trimming of excess skin in the area. The belly button is then repositioned to a higher, more youthful position. This can ultimately give the abdomen a nice, defined appearance without excess bulges of skin.

Tummy tuck surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

What can I expect during the recovery process?

The average recovery time and necessary time off work after a tummy tuck is about two weeks. You can expect some bruising and swelling in the treatment area; however, this should fade as the abdomen heals, and medication can be prescribed to control discomfort. Strenuous exercise and activities, particularly those that may cause strain in the abdomen, should not be undertaken for at least six weeks following abdominoplasty. Dr. Bayati will also talk with you about the need to take brief walks soon after surgery in order to avoid blood clots. There will be scarring from tummy tuck surgery; however, Dr. Bayati takes great care to make residual scarring as light as possible. Scars from the procedure are also likely to fade a certain degree over time, and they can typically be well-concealed under clothing or swimwear.

“After my twins, I had the usual flabby tummy and saggy breasts. I felt like I had aged 100 years. Dr. Bayati expertly guided me through the whole preoperative process, determining what would best improve my appearance and how. She was honest and confident. And most importantly, she was RIGHT!”

Tummy Tuck Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a full tummy tuck and a mini-tummy tuck?
Patients who have a severe level of excess skin and muscle laxity in the abdomen often require a full tummy tuck surgery to achieve their goals. However, individuals who have a more moderate level of excess skin that is primarily located in the lower abdomen, below the navel, may be eligible for a mini-tummy tuck. Although this procedure still may involve the tightening of abdominal muscles and requires removal of excess skin, it is not as extensive as a full tummy tuck surgery and the incision is smaller. Many patients also experience shorter recovery times with a mini-tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Bayati will be able to determine which procedure is right for your needs during your initial consultation.

How much discomfort can I expect following surgery?
Since abdominoplasty is a major surgery, you will experience some level of discomfort after the procedure; however, medication can typically keep pain under control. Dr. Bayati advises patients to get plenty of rest during the recovery period and to follow all post-operative instructions in order to ensure safe, proper healing.

What if I’m planning on getting pregnant?
Dr. Bayati recommends that women who are planning on a future pregnancy should wait until they have completed their families before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. While it is possible to have a normal pregnancy after an abdominoplasty has been performed, the fact is that the abdominal muscles will be stretched and perhaps torn during pregnancy and there may be an accumulation of excess skin left over after delivery. This may not happen to every woman, but those who experience these effects may require another tummy tuck surgery to re-tighten the abdominal muscles and eliminate the excess, inelastic skin. For these reasons, Dr. Bayati typically advises women who are considering tummy tuck surgery to be sure that they no longer plan to have children before having the treatment.

Will I need abdominoplasty, or can liposuction help me achieve my goals?
Abdominoplasty is typically the best option for patients whose abdominal concerns are due to loose, inelastic skin and lax underlying muscles. Once Dr. Bayati has examined you, she will determine if your condition is being caused by excess skin or excess fat deposits in the area. For patients who are primarily affected by excess fat pockets, liposuction may be a more ideal procedure. In cases where both concerns are apparent, a combination of both liposuction and tummy tuck surgery may be the best option. Each patient is different and Dr. Bayati will have a better idea of what’s best for your specific needs once she performs a comprehensive evaluation during the initial consultation.

Are there any complementary procedures that can be performed in addition to tummy tuck surgery for a more comprehensive makeover?
If you are considering a more comprehensive cosmetic makeover, Dr. Bayati offers a full selection of facial, breast, and body procedures that can be performed in addition to tummy tuck surgery. Liposuction can be performed in virtually any body area to address pockets of excess fat; arm lift and thigh lift surgery can give these areas a firmer, more youthful appearance; breast enhancement procedures can beautifully rejuvenate the breasts; and facial rejuvenation options can reduce signs of age and give the skin a smoother look. Our practice also offers a number of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options that can renew your appearance. In addition, tummy tuck surgery can be part of a Mommy Makeover to help women who are trying to get back their pre-pregnancy figures.

While abdominoplasty is a major surgical procedure, most patients say the results are well worth it, and emerge from the procedure with a firmer, flatter tummy and a renewed self-esteem!

If you would like more information on tummy tuck surgery, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bayati to find out if this procedure is ideal for your needs, please contact our practice today.

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