Jeuveau™ is a new injectable treatment that can significantly reduce the appearance of frown lines and brow furrows. Now available from our board-certified plastic surgeon, Semira Bayati, MD, Jeuveau™ is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug administration to temporarily smooth away deep creases and lines between the eyebrows that may be producing a look of perpetual frustration or stress. Quickly becoming known as the next generation’s BOTOX® Cosmetic, this treatment can help both women and men who would like to achieve a more refreshed appearance in the upper face.

What Are the Benefits of Jeuveau™ Injections?

Jeuveau™, developed by the Evolus® corporation, is a truly innovative new treatment that offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduction in signs of glabellar lines (frown lines) that can be present even when you are not making a facial expression
  • Effective for frown lines and brow furrows that are more severe in nature
  • Smoother skin in the treatment area and a more refreshed, relaxed appearance
  • Most patients do not require downtime after the procedure

During your initial consultation, we will talk with you about your goals and help you determine whether Jeuveau™ is the ideal treatment for your expectations.

How Is Jeuveau™ Treatment Performed?

This treatment involves the careful injection of the Jeuveau™ solution into the facial muscles that are causing wrinkles to appear between the eyebrows. The main ingredient of Jeuveau™ is a purified form of botulinum toxin type A. The solution can temporarily prevent muscle contraction in the target areas. Since muscle contraction is what often leads to wrinkles, preventing this from happening can result in a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance.

Jeuveau™ treatment can be performed right here in our office in a procedure that can typically be completed in about 15 to 30 minutes. While patients can expect some mild redness, bruising, and swelling in the treatment area following the procedure, these effects should dissipate quickly. Most individuals are able to resume normal daily routines immediately after Jeuveau™ treatment.

How Long Do Jeuveau™ Results Last?

It generally takes about four to seven days for the effects of Jeuveau™ to be visible. For most patients, the results of Jeuveau™ last approximately three to four months; however, outcomes may continue for longer periods in some individuals. The effects of Jeuveau™ can often be maintained for an extended amount of time with occasional follow-up injections.

How Much Does Jeuveau™ Cost?

The cost of Jeuveau™ injections at our practice will ultimately depend on each patient’s customized treatment plan. Once your needs have been evaluated during the initial consultation and it is determined that Jeuveau™ is the best option for your goals, a friendly member of our team will produce a total cost estimate so you will know what to expect. Our practice accepts numerous convenient payment methods, and we work with reputable companies that offer financing for cosmetic enhancement procedures. Qualified applicants can choose from a full selection of payment plans that offer suitable options for their budget.

To learn more about Jeuveau™, or to schedule a consultation here at our practice, please contact Dr. Bayati today!

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