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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction can be an ideal operation for large, cumbersome breasts. Sometimes, during the course of development, the breasts naturally hypertrophy (enlarge) to excessive sizes regardless of the weight. At times, pregnancy and breastfeeding lead to irreversible enlargement of the breasts to undesirable sizes. Natural asymmetry of large breasts is not uncommon and can be corrected at the time of surgery. This operation can also effectively relieve upper back and shoulder strain from bra straps. Depending on the size of the reduction, insurance might cover the cost of surgery. However, small reductions that are mostly to lift the breasts and reduce the volume slightly are considered a cosmetic operation and are not covered by most insurance carriers. Dr. Semira Bayati, our experienced plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, can advise what size is proportional to your height and weight without making you too small.

The incisions from a breast reduction can take up to a year to fade. With proper scar management, products, and occasional laser fading, they are typically very well-hidden and acceptable. It is very important to be close to your ideal weight at the time of this operation because if you lose weight after this surgery, your newly-sized breasts can get smaller and looser. Weight gain and future pregnancies can result in recurrence of the breast hypertrophy even after breast reduction surgery.

Dr Bayati is exceptional. She is a perfectionist and an artist, I could not be happier with my breast reduction. The care from her and her staff is top notch! I have my confidence back, thank you Dr Bayati.

Kayla Buck

March 24, 2017


Most people return to work after one week; however, heavy lifting is to be avoided for up to three weeks after this surgery. Please contact Dr. Bayati with any questions you may have, or to schedule a consultation.

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