Breast Procedures

Dr. Semira Bayati offers a number of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery options at our practice. Patients can achieve a more contoured, youthful-looking bustline with procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lift; while breast reduction surgery can alleviate the discomfort of overly large breasts. Plus, our Newport Beach plastic surgeon can rebuild the breasts with results that both look and feel natural and beautiful for women who have had a mastectomy, as well as eliminate excess tissue and fat in the chest area for men suffering from gynecomastia.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants can add volume and fullness to the breasts, making them more proportionate to your body frame. Dr. Bayati offers a variety of implant sizes, shapes, and types that can meet your ultimate goals.

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Breast Lift / Mastopexy

Loss of weight, aging, recent pregnancy, and other factors can contribute to sagginess and excess skin in the breasts. Breast lift (mastopexy) surgery eliminates the excess and tightens the remaining skin, lifting the breasts to a more youthful, “perky” position.

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Breast Augmentation with Lift

If you would like to enhance volume and address a “sagging” appearance in the breasts, Dr. Bayati can combine breast augmentation and breast lift treatments into one procedure. Breast augmentation with lift can provide comprehensive breast rejuvenation to create fuller breasts and a more youthful appearance.

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Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can cause a number of problems, both physical and psychological. Breast reduction surgery eliminates extra fat and skin in the breasts and reduces them to a size that is in better proportion to your body, which can alleviate discomfort and improve your self-esteem.

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Revision Breast Augmentation

Revision breast augmentation is a procedure that can benefit women who would like to exchange their breast implants, address problems or dissatisfaction with the results they experienced with a previous breast enlargement, or remove the breast implants altogether. Dr. Bayati can help you achieve outcomes that are more in keeping with your current goals.

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Breast Implant Illness & Breast Implant Removal

Learn about breast implant illness (BII) and breast implant removal procedures available from Dr. Bayati. Our plastic surgeon utilizes advanced techniques such as En Bloc Capsulectomy to remove breast implants. She can also provide revision breast augmentation for patients who would like to remove and replace their implants with a different type, shape, or size.

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Breast Reconstruction

Women who have lost one or both of their breasts due to mastectomy or injury can benefit from breast reconstruction. Dr. Bayati can rebuild the breasts with natural-looking results.

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Gynecomastia is a common condition among men that consists of extra fat and/or glandular tissue in the pectoral region. Dr. Bayati offers male breast reduction surgery that can dramatically improve the appearance of excess skin in the chest.

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