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The normal course of aging unfortunately affects us all. Laxity of the neck, jowls in the lower face, deepening of the folds around the mouth are all signs of facial aging. Facelift is designed to correct these deformities in a natural and aesthetic manner. A good facelift should never look “surgical.” Instead a rested and rejuvenated appearance is the goal. With a good facelift, you can expect a 10-15 year age reduction in the face. So looking like you are 25 when you are actually 60 years of age is unrealistic and not a desirable surgical effect.

The newer techniques in facelift address the deeper structures of the fact and the musculature of the neck in order to increase the longevity of the results. Addressing these deeper structures in addition to the skin makes a good facelift last 15 years. The sagging of the cheek tissue, jowls and neck cannot be addressed by just pulling the skin. Skin is like a rubber band and it will stretch back in a year to its original shape if the deeper structures are not addressed. This is the reason why some of those quick recovery “lunchtime” procedures do not have lasting results.

Since My Facelift and Eyelift, People Are Noticing the Color of My Eyes. My Own Mother Said My Eyes Are So Much Greener.

C.S., Facial Rejuvenation Patient, Orange County

This is a great operation to contemplate in late 40s for most people when facial aging becomes noticeable. You can retard further aging if the face is addressed sooner.

Facial rejuvenation is usually combined with eyelid surgery and the repositioning of the eyebrows if necessary at the same time. So once you are done, the entire face is balanced and younger. The fat pads in the neck and under the chin are also addressed at the same time.

The recovery from a facelift is a lot simpler today than before. With the advent of newer techniques, less invasive endoscopic approaches and proper peri-operative medications and care, you can expect to be very presentable in 2 weeks after facial surgery.

Smoking is a contraindication to this surgery. Nicotine hurts skin circulation and causes skin loss and poor results. It is recommended to discontinue all nicotine products, including the patch and the gum for 2 months prior to considering this surgery. The results are well worth it.

For more information on facelift, or any other cosmetic surgery procedures such as Mommy Makeover or breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Bayati today to schedule a consultation.

I still look like me but a million times better.

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