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Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Dr. Semira Bayati is one of the few plastic surgeons in our area to offer stem cell fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, a procedure that is also known as fat stem cell augmentation. This advanced procedure takes traditional fat grafting one step further by utilizing your own stem cells to enhance the longevity of results. With stem cell fat grafting, patients can replenish lost volume in a variety of facial areas, recontour specific facial features, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and attain a more youthful, refreshed appearance without the excessive downtime associated with other surgical procedures.

Benefits of Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Stem cell fat grafting from our board-certified plastic surgeon can be a good option for individuals who may not need a surgical facelift to achieve their goals, and for those who would like to enhance the results of facelift surgery. Benefits offered by this procedure include the following:

  • Treatment is typically performed in-office under local anesthesia.
  • Since the fat is harvested through liposuction in another body area before being injected into facial areas, the procedure is really two aesthetic treatments in one.
  • For many patients, the treatment can mimic the effects of a facelift.
  • Areas that commonly lose volume over time, such as the temples, cheeks, eyebrows, and under the eyes, can be beautifully rejuvenated with this treatment.
  • Facial features such as the chin and lips can be augmented with stem cell fat grafting to provide a fuller, more contoured appearance.
  • Areas prone to wrinkles and fine lines, such as those around the mouth and along the mid-face, can be smoothed out with this treatment.
  • Downtime is typically much shorter when compared to more invasive facial surgery.
  • Stem cell fat grafting results can last for a number of years, much longer than most traditional dermal filler options.

The Stem Cell Fat Grafting Procedure

Stem cell fat grafting is a two-stage procedure. First, liposuction will be performed to harvest the fat cells that will be utilized to rejuvenate the face. The most common areas chosen by patients for liposuction are the abdomen and the love handles; however, Dr. Bayati can perform this part of the treatment on virtually any body area with enough excess fat that can be used for the facial injections. The extracted fat is then filtered and purified. Stem cells will be derived from the processed fat in order to help the fat stimulate collagen production and keep the effects lasting for a longer period of time. The fat is then delicately injected into the facial areas targeted for rejuvenation. Dr. Bayati takes special care to provide patients with results that look as natural as possible and provide a beautiful, refreshed appearance.

Stem Cell Fat Grafting Recovery

Most patients experience some degree of bruising or swelling after treatment. These effects often fade significantly after approximately one week. Patients can typically return to work or other daily routines in about five or six days. Depending on each person’s unique needs and response to treatment, the results of stem cell fat grafting can last for years.

Stem cell fat grafting is one of the most popular procedures at Dr. Bayati’s practice and has helped many individuals successfully renew their appearance and feel great about the way they look!

For more information on stem cell fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bayati, please contact us today.

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