Dr. Bayati Featured on KCAL-CBS Los Angeles Discussing Treatment for Stretch Marks

Dr. Semira Bayati was recently asked to perform a live Stretch Mark Eraser treatment on KCAL-9 Los Angeles. The non-surgical treatment utilizes the Eclipse Micropen™ microneedling technique to painlessly reduce the appearance of stretch marks or scars. While the procedure can be performed on both men and women in a number of body areas, it can be exceptionally beneficial for women who have had children and now want to address stretch marks or c-section scars in the lower abdomen.

Dr. Bayati performed the procedure on a woman who recently had a child, all the while talking KCAL’s audience through the treatment and explaining each step. During the procedure, the patient said she did not feel pain, only a mild “tickling” sensation. Dr. Bayati says patients often need about three Micropen™ treatment sessions for optimal results; however, depending on the size of the treatment area and the depth of the stretch marks or scar, up to five sessions may be necessary. She also advises that women wait until they have decided not to have anymore children before undergoing this procedure.

Results from Stretch Mark Eraser treatment are typically permanent, and the procedure can provide effective solutions for stretch marks, scars, and even hair loss.

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