Semira Bayati, MD Plastic Surgeon


The position of the eyebrow has a dramatic effect on the area around the eyes. Eyebrows that are too low can give you an angry or tired appearance. Low eyebrows can be caused by aging or in a lot of people just a congenital feature of their face. As a result, this operation is performed in all adult age groups and is not necessarily in the later years that it becomes necessary. Well positioned eyebrows, give a rested, rejuvenated appearance and open the eyes in a dramatic way. It is extremely important to avoid the over-pulled, surprised look with this operation. A natural, subtle effect is the desired outcome.

This operation is commonly combined with blepharoplasty in order to address the entire peri-orbital area. It is usually performed with an Endoscope via very small incisions in the hairline. Results are immediate and recovery is minimal. The down time is usually a week. Exercise should be avoided for a couple of weeks.

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