Semira Bayati, MD Plastic Surgeon

Blepharoplasty / Eyelift / Eyelid Surgery

Normal aging of the area around the eyes begins in the third decade of life. Excess skin, bags under the eyes is undesirable and gives and individual a tired and sad look. Blepharoplasty addresses the extra skin in both the upper and lower eyelids as well as the fat protrusion that causes the shadowing and circles under the eyes. In women, applying makeup becomes much easier after the excess skin is removed from the upper eyelids and most women notice that they no longer get the double eyeliner lines on their upper lids. In men, it is a great way to rejuvenate that tired look in a very subtle way.

Occasionally, when there is low positioning of the eyebrows, blepheroplasty alone will not correct the crowded appearance of the upper eyelid. In these cases an endoscopic browlift might be necessary to obtain the full cosmetic benefit in the peri-orbital area.

This is usually the first operation that is performed in facial rejuvenation in late thirties or early forties. Occasionally, some people have congenital bags under their eyes that are present even in early twenties. In these cases, the bags can be removed with no outside incisions and minimal down time as early as in their twenties.

There is usually minimal down time for this surgery. There might be some swelling and bruising that usually resolves in one week and can be minimized with herbal medications that your doctor will provide you with before surgery and icing.

Since My Facelift and Eyelift, People Are Noticing the Color of My Eyes. My Own Mother Said My Eyes Are So Much Greener.

C.S., Facial Rejuvenation Patient, Orange County

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