How Can I Get Rid of Loose Sagging Skin After Pregnancy?

Having a child is one of life’s true gifts. The rigors of pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding can have an adverse and unflattering effect on our bodies. Typically, the impacted areas of concern to most mothers tend to be located in your: abdomen, breasts, and skin.

Common Areas of Concern After Pregnancy

  • Loss of breast volume
  • Breast sagging
  • Loose abdomen skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Excess fat in the hip and thigh area

Plastic surgery after pregnancy is not needed by every woman. But for many, it allows us a way to reclaim our bodies after having babies. Mommy makeover surgery is a combination of procedures depending on your specific needs to revitalize the natural contours of your body. These procedures include tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation and breast lift.   A Mommy Makeover can be very rewarding, restoring your self-esteem and even putting the spice back in your sex life.
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