What Will My Scars Look Like After Breast Reduction?

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While there is no way to predict what your scars will look like after breast reduction surgery with certainty, our board-certified plastic surgeon does utilize some of the latest techniques and technology available to minimize the appearance of scarring. Depending on your unique case, Dr. Semira Bayati can choose an incision placement to hide and conceal any post-operative scarring as much as possible. Short-scar techniques can sometimes be used for patients who are having smaller volumes of breast tissue removed. For patients who require the removal of more breast tissue, Dr. Bayati can still place incisions in locations that can often be easily covered with a bra or swimsuit.

The scars from breast reduction surgery may take up to one year to fade, depending on each individual patient’s unique response to the treatment. In addition to using carefully placed incisions, post-operative laser procedures can occasionally further reduce the appearance of any scarring. The vast majority of our patients find a small amount of scarring well worth the benefits of breast reduction surgery and are happy with their improved quality of life following the procedure.

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