Will the Brazilian Butt Lift Add Volume and Shape to the Buttocks?

modelThere are a few different techniques that can be performed to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. Here at the practice of Dr. Semira Bayati, we utilize two of the most popular: the full buttock lift surgery and the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. A full buttock lift can be very beneficial for patients who would like to get rid of excess, sagging skin that often results from weight loss or the natural aging process. During the buttock lift procedure, Dr. Bayati will eliminate excess fat and skin and tighten the remaining skin. The buttocks will essentially be reshaped and revitalized for a smoother, firmer, more symmetrical appearance.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a much different technique. This treatment removes excess fat cells from one area of your body – such as the hips, thighs, or abdomen – and uses the extracted fat to rejuvenate the buttocks. The fat cells are precisely injected into targeted areas of the buttocks in order to enhance volume, fullness and shape. This fat transfer procedure can be very effective as a standalone treatment to renew the buttocks, or it can be used as a complement to full buttock lift surgery for a more comprehensive rejuvenation. The Brazilian Butt Lift can significantly improve the contours of the buttocks by adding volume and giving them a more shapely appearance, which can ultimately have a positive effect on your overall body proportions and give you a beautiful new silhouette!

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